Formed by Him

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.   John 13:34

We use the term formation because we hope and believe that Jesus is always forming us into his likeness...or trying to! And because of this, as followers of Christ, we have an obligation to help form one another in his image. But we recognize that it is not all up to us. God is at work in this world at all times and in all places, and it is he who we lean on and from whom we seek strength and understanding. So we try to leave plenty of room for the Holy Spirit to be among us in all that we do, knowing his presence is a gift that we just need to be open to receiving.

Bible  and Book Discussion  For adults, we offer a twice-monthly Bible or book study and discussion. We gathered around “The Story,” a version of the Bible in chronological order. It provided an overview of the scriptures of the old and new testament. Otherwise, we select a Gospel, epistle or book to study. Right now, we have partnered with the Presbyterian Church to read "Hunting Magi Eels".  In our current Bible Discussion, we are studying the book of Revelation.  Whether scripture or book, in our gatherings, discussion is emphasized so that we can relate the texts to our faith and lives today.


Coffee and Conversation  We gather every Sunday following worship to share, talk and of course, eat. But we call it “coffee hour.” During that time, we sometimes also have a short discussion about a particular topic…a chance for everyone to share. Subjects have included: Who is the Holy Spirit? Where did our book of common prayer come from and who uses it? How come we never hear sermons about angels? How did the Bible come about? These discussions likely raise more questions than they answer, but questioning and exploring are important; and done together, they bring us closer together.

Lent and Advent   We also offer adult and youth (together) formation during Lent and Advent to ensure that we spend time during these pivotal seasons engaging in self-examination, repentance, deep prayer and learning. On occasion, we offer other formational programming on an opportunity basis. Formation is not just programmatic; our worship, ministries and activities also form us as we seek to attain the stature of Christ.

Summer Camp   The diocese (the group of churches in this area) offer the opportunity to participate in one week summer camp that is a favorite across the area. Faith formation is key, but so is lots of fun swimming, low ropes, games, crafts, singing and just hanging out with old and new friends. 

Formed by Him -  Jesus Moves Us Through Holy Scripture