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The God who made the world

and everything in it,

he who is Lord of heaven and earth,

does not live in shrines made by human hands,

nor is he served by human hands,

as though he needed anything,

since he himself gives to

all mortals life and breath and all things.

Acts 17:25-25

We Worship in Gratitude

Entering to Worship

How Do I Enter the Church for 9:00 a.m. Worship?

You enter the church though one of three red doors.  We know it can be kind of intimidating figuring out where to enter a building with several entrances…and always wondering if you’re going to be walking into the middle of a worship service or something else. 

Why Red Doors? 

Come on in.  You are welcome here. Today many Episcopal churches proclaim with their red doors that our churches are a haven for emotional and spiritual healing, and are a place of refuge and safety, forgiveness and reconciliation -- in other words, red doors invite the passers-by into a space filled with the Holy Spirit.

Smith Street Entrance

Our main parking lot is on Smith Street. 

This door is adjacent to the lot.  When you go in this door, you can do one of two things.

You can go up a short set of steps to your left and through a room (called the sacristy)

which leads into the worship space.  You will enter the worship space from the front.

Or you can go down the stairs, step down through a door and go into our social hall.  You can get to the worship space by crossing the social hall and going up a set of steps on the opposite corner from which you came (if you are a person who counts your steps, this route is for you!).  You will enter the worship space from the back. If you are early on a Sunday morning, you can go into the fellowship hall to likely find people socializing together before worship. 

(Picture below on the right)

N. Center St. Accessible Entrance

This door is for our handicap parking area.  Entrance to the handicap lot is off N. Center St.  You can then go in this door for elevator access (just to your left when you enter). You will be on the floor noted as 2 in the elevator.  Press 3 for access to our worship space or press 1 for access to the fellowship hall.  Or, if you can, you can walk up the short flight of steps to your left into the worship area. (Picture below on left)

N. Center St. Direct Worship Space Entrance

This door is off N. Center St., accessed by the sidewalk.  If you go in here, you will be entering in the back of the worship space.  Go through the vestibule, and you’ll see a man or woman (usher) by a table in the back who will welcome you, answer your questions, give you a bulletin and help you find a seat if you wish.  (Picture below in Center)


No matter who you are or how you enter, you are welcome here.  Our ushers and most anyone else will gladly answer your questions.

N. Center St. Accessible Entrance           N. Center St. Direct Worship Space Entrance                      Smith Street Entrance

Handicap Accessible Door
Direct Access Door

Who God Calls Us to Be

Emmanuel is a Christ-centered family church where we love and care for one another. While we gather joyfully for worship and fellowship, you should know that we have experienced, either personally or through our own families, a variety of life's challenges. We have supported one another in dealing with addiction, loss of loved ones, unemployment, and mental and physical health issues. This church is not a place for saints, but a home for sinners who know that life in Christ doesn't mean we are perfect but that we keep trying to live as best we can, seeking his guidance and welcoming his love. Like any family, our opinions and personal beliefs vary widely, but we respect one another and find hope and joy in praying and playing together.

Our Mission

To put it in a nutshell: Let our worship, words and actions proclaim the love of Christ to this community and the world. Our mission is fourfold: Worshipping God. Sharing the Word. Loving our Neighbor. Caring for Creation. 

Learn more about who we are called to be

Formed by Him

We use the term formation because we hope and believe that Jesus is always forming us into his likeness...or trying to!  And becuase of this, as followers of Christ, we have an obligation to help form one another in his image.  But we recognize that it is not all up to us. God is at work in this world at all times and in all places, and it is he who we lean on and from whom we seek strength and understanding.  So we try to leave plenty of room for the Holy Spirit to be among us in all that we do, knowing his presence is a gift that we just need to be open to receiving. 

For adults, we offer a twice-monthly Bible or book study and discussion. We gathered around “The Story,” a version of the Bible in chronological order. It provided an overview of the scriptures of the old and new testament. Otherwise, we select a Gospel, epistle or book to study. Our most recent book was The Circle Maker, kind of a classic by now.  Whether scripture or book, in our gatherings, discussion is emphasized so that we can relate the texts to our faith and lives today and so we can expr3ess out thoughts, questions and wonderment.

More about formation

Formed by Him -


Compassionate Love -  Ministries

God is at work in the world doing marvelous things.  We, too, are called to work in the world, serving as his hands and feet and voice.   Wherever he looked and whoever he touched, he showed compassion for all of humanity.  And so we engage in a variety of ministries as a church and as individuals who follow Christ. There are ministries in the community, in worship and in church oversight.  You will find them here

A Community of Joy - Activities

We enjoy one another's company, and we love to have fun. Jesus spent time with lots and lots of people, and we believe that is what we are made to do, too. And some of that is having fun together. 

Each month we gather for a simple dinner out, either in town or in one of the many restaurants in the area. This is a great opportunity to just relax and get to know one another better. Some of us have gotten our "bowl" on, and are occasionally bowling together.  What a great activity when the weather out is cold and bleak...or when the cool air conditioning is just what you need. 

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Connected by Hope

There is so much great information online ... about God and about what God's people are up to. So this page is dedicated toward helping you find sites and other social media that interest you. If there is something you think should be up here, let us know. 

Link to the page here to find some info about giving and sharing, churchy stuff, scripture resources and some helping services.